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Beer Design

Jan Blanchard

We do love Beer Design - When you think of it, it is a great opportunity to truly get your brand in the hands of the consumers. While the bottle shapes and glass effect are quite standard, creativity is flowing on the label and prints. 

For example, Scotts Brewing Co. is perfect in its simplicity and clean cut design. The ale type is on a printable surface while the logo print on bottle solution is effective. It is a nice way to combine a cost saving solution and beautifully designed bottle. 

The Sakiskiu Alus beer, another great example of a handcrafted label for a tiny microbrewery, which produces a unique beer in Lithuania.  It took an unusual approach, with a kit that includes a rubber stamp for each type of beer.  The combination of rubber stamped labels and hand-made paper design gives off a real authenticity and craft feel to the design.

All I want now is get these beautiful craft beers delivered to my home next weekend...

Irish Craft Beer Festival

Jan Blanchard

The market for Craft Beer is exploding everywhere in the World and rightly so.

We much prefer getting our beer from passionate people who have small operations, rely on their craft, taste for authenticity and quality rather than from stakeholders of big corporations, using industrial methods, always focus on producing more and more products and money .  

This weekend was the celebration of Irish Craft Beer in Dublin, we had a great time engaging with brewers, learning about their beers and ways to market. We even got engaged with beer passionate from Toronto representing the craft beers in Canada. 

This gave us at MiniCorp the right platform to test a business concept that is turning our head for a while. We're thrilled that all the market validations are showing up green light, screaming at us to get off our arse and do it. So let's get back to work...


Dallas Craft Beers

Jan Blanchard

We were on a visit to Dallas in the last weeks and were amazed at the choice, quality and popularity of the local craft beers. Basically every pub had their choice of crafts, with supermarkets promoting the local drinks like mad. 

Some of our favourites:

Grapevine Craft Brewery
Est. April 2013
Grapevine Craft Brewery was only the second brewery on record to raise more than $60,000 through a crowd-funding campaign. Prior to getting into the craft beer business, Humble was a pastor for 15 years. He has hired Caton Orrell as head brewer, who previously worked at Boulevard Brewing Co. in Kansas City. They hope to open their new brewery in late December of 2014 but might have beer on taps by the end of October.

Four Corners Brewing Co.
Est. September 2012
Four Corners Brewing Co. is located just west of downtown Dallas, across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and in a large, open-air brewery. Head brewer John Sims worked at several brewpubs more than a decade ago during the first craft beer boom in Dallas. Local Buzz, Red's Roja, El Chingón, Block Party and Paletero can be found at more than 100 restaurants and bars in North Texas.


Rahr & Sons Brewing Co.
Est. July 2004
Rahr sometimes uses the tag line "the brand new beer with a 150-year history" as a token to founder Fritz Rahr's German brewer lineage. Rahr is distributed throughout much of Texas and in 2012 won a silver medal at the Great American Beer Festival for Iron Thistle. The Fort Worth brewery's full lineup includes five year-rounds and seven seasonal beers. Laid-back brewery tours that resemble community block parties helped arouse a loyal craft beer movement in North Texas.

Also the craft beer from The Independent Ale Works Co is awesome and hard to find...

Big thanks to the Dallas observer for the breweries description and details.

HybridConf — Day One

Brian Kenny

What a city. I've never been to Stockholm before. It's a city that welcomes you with open arms. Normally I find it quite difficult to find the real heart of a city without having a local to show me about.

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